Company Overview

West Coast Utility Solutions is a Premier Manufacturer's Representative Agency servicing the Electric Utility Industry. The company has over thirty years experience working in the transmission and distribution electric power industry. Our Primary Service areas are California & Western Nevada, however we do provide services and consultation on an international level. We only accept a small number of lines, allowing us to give those lines the full attention they deserve? in order to maximize their profitability. 

West Coast Utility Solutions provides services upstream (the manufacturer) and downstream (the customer) by ensuring that we understand the needs of our customers and provide feedback to the manufacturer in order to provide the best possible customer service in the industry.  

* What - We find the most innovative, safest products, equipment & services for our customers.   * How- We provide a bridge between high quality, state of the art manufacturers and our customers.
* Why- West Coast Utility Solutions is a premier manufacturers representative company. We only take on manufacturers who will ensure that their products & services meet rigors standards of excellence, enabling our customers to work at the highest levels of safety.?

West Coast Utility Solutions is committed to giving back to our community by supporting charities for which we are passionate about.

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