In business for over 120 years, Buckingham is the industry leader for Fall Protection & Safety Equipment specifically designed for Electric Utility, Telecommunications, Cable, & Arborist Professionals.

Proudly Made in the USA.



At the Youngstown Glove Company, the mission is to make the very best hand protection.  Their focus is to design and build work gloves that ergonomically fit better, last longer and are much safer for workers.

KADDAS Enterprises has demonstrated creativity and innovation in the field of Thermoforming and Vacuum forming plastics since 1966.  Pioneers of the Birdguard product line,  they continue open collaboration with electric utility companies and environmentalist throughout the world to prevent power outages and wildlife casualties.

Proudly Made in the USA

Rohn Products is a manufacturer of steel transmission & distribution poles, substation & switch structure, & towers.

Rohn offers in-house engineering and design services.

Proudly Made in the USA

MADI is a manufacturer and marketer of innovative utility tools for linemen. MADI offers game changing products in the following categories: Hot Stick Tools & Accessories, Skinning Knives, Pocket Knives, Wire Brushes, Wrenches and Striking Tools. All products are conceived, designed, developed and tested by linemen. MADI’s products are truly unique and deliver safer solutions and improved efficiency for linemen worldwide.

Lincoln Hoist has been designing and manufacturing portable ratchet lever hoists 100% Made in the USA for over 60 years.  Our hoists are made with unmatched innovation, quality, reliability and durability.

Proudly Made in the USA

Crosslink Technology, The Maker of Pecker Patch, Blaze Fighter & Pole Capper is responding to the needs of the Electric Utility companies.  These easy to use compounds were developed to help prolong the life of utility poles and avoid costly replacements for as long as possible.

The Mag-Lok tool system streamlines the job site by equipping Electric Utility workers, Road crews, Landscaping professionals, Construction workers, and Fire Fighters with New type of Hand Held Tool System.  The Mag-Lok Tool System has many Interchangeable handles that Easily connect to Hundreds of Interchangeable job-specific tool heads.


Reel Steel is a line of AIR POWERED Pneumatic line launchers Designed for the Electric Utility & Arborist markets (No Gun Powder).  The product line ranges from a small hand held unit to a pedestal mounted model.  Every unit in the line is Extremely accurate.   Depending on the unit you choose, you will have an accurate range from roughly 200 ft. to almost 1,000 ft.  Each Unit comes with a Reel attachment device that makes retrieving the line a breeze.


Safety One

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